UNESCAP Executive Secretary Praises Indonesia


UNESCAP Executive Secretary, Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, praised Indonesia's role in enhancing economic and social development cooperation in the Asia Pacific region. Dr. Heyzer expressed her hope that Indonesia would continue its constructive role at UNESCAP. She also touched upon the process of democratization and governance in Indonesia which is encouraging and can be an example for other countries in the region. Indonesia's economic growth of 6.5% is also remarkable while the recent economic situations in the other regions are sluggish.

UNESCAP Executive Secretary mentioned that when she received the introductory visit of Ambassador Lutfi Rauf. On the occasion, Ambassador Lutfi Rauf conveyed his Letter of Introduction on his appointment as the new Indonesian Permanent Representative to UNESCAP.

During the meeting, Ambassador Lutfi Rauf reiterated Indonesian Government’s commitment to increasing its constructive role at the UNESCAP. Ambassador Lutfi Rauf Indonesia underlined the Government's policy that emphasizes, among others, the need for increased regional cooperation in the field of food and energy security as well as sustainable agriculture. Executive Secretary was of the same opinion and added that Indonesia has an important role to promote concrete cooperation on the relevant issues in the Asia Pacific region. In this regard, the Executive Secretary expressed her hope that Indonesia could voice the interests of the Asia-Pacific on the issue of food security and sustainable agriculture at the UN Sustainable Development Conference in Rio + 20.

UNESCAP is the UN regional commissions for economic and social development for the Asia Pacific region and consists of 53 countries. The Center for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA) is one of five UNESCAP subsidiary bodies and is based in Bogor, Indonesia. (mph/sp)