The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia celebrates National Education Day with ESQ Workshop


The Indonesian Embassy organized an Emotional and Spiritual Workshop, resulting from the joint-cooperation between Indonesian Muslim Community in Thailand (MMIT) and The Indonesian Embassy itself.

The Workshop which was attended by more than 150 participants was held on Tuesday, May 2, 2012. Some of the workshop participants are college students, teachers, Indonesian School in Bangkok (SIB) students, the Indonesian Muslim Community (MMIT) members, staf of the embassy, and off course the Indonesian community in Bangkok.

This activity with the purpose of celebrating national education day marks the first time such workshop was ever held in Bangkok. The purpose of this workshop is to integrate and to build a close, strong and reliable relationship between the government sector, private sector, and religious figures in the Indonesian community in Bangkok.

The Workshop was first open by the Ambassador, Mr. Lutfi Rauf, which then continued with the workshop activity, lead by Mr. Ary Ginanjar as the speaker for the workshop.