Nursing Orangutan in Khao Pratubchang Breeding Center


On May 9 2012, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Lutfi Rauf, has visited Khao Pratubchang Breeding Center in Ratchaburi province to observe the condition of the 11 illegal orangutan from Indonesia.

On this occasion, the Ambassador Lutfi Rauf conveys his appreciation to the government of Thailand through the Head of the Breeding Center and the Head of CITES in Thailand for their concern and cooperation that was given when tending the illegal orangutan while the legal process in Thailand is still under way.

Mr Ambassador, Lutfi Rauf, also emphasize the importance of cooperation given by all related parties in Thailand and Indonesia in overseeing the illegal trade of rare wildlife, not only orangutan, but also other species. Orangutan is one of Indonesia’s native animals that have become Indonesian government’s job to protect. Ambassador’s visit was held as a form of Indonesian government’s commitment in protecting Indonesia’s wildlife. The visit has discussed various matters regarding with illegal wildlife trade prevention, and fulfilling wildlife needs while in protection facilities.