Jaya Suprana Performing Arts amazed public people in Bangkok

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, in Cooporation with the Jaya Suprana School of Performing Arts and Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC, has been organizing an Indonesian music and culture show, “Performing Arts of Nusantara", on Satuday, 15th December 2018 at the Sport Hall of the Embassy

The event, which was opened by Ambassador Ahmad Rusdi at 7:30 p.m., was attended by approximately 400 people, consisting of ambassadors and members of diplomatique corps, members of the Bangkok International Women's Club (IWC), entrepreneurs, and other friends of Indonesia in Bangkok, as well as Indonesian citizens residing in Bangkok and surrounding.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Ahmad Rusdi said that through this event,the beautiful and diverse Indonesian arts and culture will be better known by the community in Thailand, both local and international. Meanwhile, for Indonesians, this event is also expected to be an antidote toward missing the homeland, and further strengthen the love of national culture, especially among the younger generation.

 Theguests were amazed by the series of performances featuring the Armonia Choir - Jakarta, Golek Surung Dayung Dance from Yogyakarta, Kolintang Traditional Music from North Sulawesi, Fashion Show from the private collection of fashion designers Iwan Tirta, and Maumere Dance as the closing.

 One of the guests who attended said that this event was truly very impressive because it combines traditional and modern Indonesian art. It is hoped that with this event, the international community will be more familiar with Indonesia, which in turn will encourage them to visit Indonesia (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok).