Indonesian Speech Contest for Thailand Student

​​On July 12, 2015, Embassy in Bangkok officially announced the winners of Indonesian Language Speech Contest for foreign speakers that was held on June 29, 2015. The Indonesian Speech Contest was attended by Thai students, who studied the language and culture of Indonesia. It was held in the Indonesian Embassy’s Library, with six participants from five different universities, such as Kasetsart University, Naresuan University, Thamassat University, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University and Fatoni University.

Two participants who were announced as a winners were Ms. Nurihan Labohyaseng from Fatoni University, and in the second place was Mr. Chaiwat Hlanchim from Kasetsart University. As an appreciation from Indonesian government, the two winners would get the chance to attend the 70th Anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in the Presidental Palace of Indonesia on August 17, 2015.

The winners of Indonesian Speech Contest are all from Indonesia’s friends of  around the world who get the same opportunity to strengthen the Indonesian network friendships. Besides, Indonesian government also has arranged visits to several centers of art, culture and tourism.

In Thailand, especially in higher education institutions, there is an increasing number of public interest to learn about language and culture of Indonesia along with the implementation of ASEAN Commuity 2015. In order to promote Indonesian language, the Embassy and Indonesian School in Bangkok (SIB) also organized the course for participants from various backgrounds, such as government employees, private and students. Some universities in Thailand have also made Bahasa into their curriculum independently.