Indonesian School in Bangkok visits Khao Pratubchang Breeding Center


On June 16, 2012, the teachers and students from the Indonesian School in Bangkok (SIB) had a visit to Khai Pratubchang Breeding Center in Ratchaburi Province to visit 11 illegal orangutan from Indonesia that was temporarily accomodated in the Breeding Center while waiting for the legal process in Thailand.

This visit is part of their Boyscouts Camping event, as an event to teach the importance to protect and to preserve nature and it’s habitat. Also, the event gave a little bit of comprehension regarding illegal animal trade, some of them is a country’s flagship animal, like the orangutan who often exploited.

In this visit, the students can learn and interact directly with the orangutan. Other than orangutan, the Breeding Center also give a chance to see observe other animals in a little zoo owned by the Breeding Center. In the end of the visit, the studenst gave a contribution to help care the orangutan and “Save Orang Utan” poster to the representative from Khao Pratubchang Breeding Center.