Indonesian Air Force’s “JUPITER AEROBATIC TEAM” Will Adorn Thailand’s Sky


Jupiter Aerobatic Team (JAT) from the Indonesian Air Force will perform on Saturday, 30 June 2012 from 10.45 until 12.15 at Terminal Cargo Don Muang Airport to celebrate the 100th Year Thailand Aviation. This event that was held by the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) will perform attraction from various fighter jets such as F5, F16, Gripen, PC-9, KT-1 and other kinds of planes from various countries.

Thailand’ 100th Year Aviation Event will be open for public on Saturday, June 30 2012 with activities such as exhibition (09.00 – 16.00) and Air Show (10.00 – 15.10). Other than the Jupiter Aerobatic Team, Indonesian Air Force’s music band will also show a performance on the same day from 11.00 – 12.10.

On the day before, Friday, June 29 2012, JAT Commander will give Flying Suit as a token of “Honorary Member of JAT” to Commander in Chief RTAF, ACM Itthaporn Subhawong, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Lutfi Rauf, and Indonesian Embassy’s Air Attaché, Kol. Pnb. A. Joko Takarianto.

Indonesia – Thailand Air Force Relationshiop

Bilateral relationship between Indonesian Air Force and Royal Thai Air Force have been established for more than 30 years, marked with the 15th Latihan Elang Thainesia (Eagle Training Thainesia) session, on the year 2011 at Udon Thani, Thailand. This training is the first bilateral training between Indonesian Air Force and Royal Thai Air Force, held alternately every two years. Joint exercise between Indonesian Air Force and Royal Thai Air Force is the pioneer for bilateral training between Air Forces in ASEAN, which later was joined by other ASEAN countries. This proximity factor is the driving force behind JAT’s participation in the 100th Year Thai Aviation Anniversary.

Jupiter Aerobatic Team’s Brief History

JAT was formed in the year 1996 when President Soeharto inaugurates the year as the Year of Nautical and Aerospace. Squadron Educational 103 – Advanced Training Flight School Indonesian Air Force (now Skad 15 Lanud IWY) received the task to show aerobatic using fighter planes in the “Pelangi Nusantara” event. For that task, Indonesian Air Force aerobatic team “Spirit 85” was once again active using Hawk MK53. Since then, the aerobatic team has performed in activities such as Indonesian Air Show 1996 and other important events, either in the capital or other provinces in Indonesia.

In the year 1997, Commander Skadik 103 at the time was Lieutenant Colonel B. Sulistyo felt there’s a need to change the aerobatic team name, so it would be easier to remember, into Jupiter Aerobatic Team. Jupiter is the call sign for the instructor in Squadron Educational 103.

In the year 2001, as an initiative by Commander Lanud Iswahjudi at the time (Marsda TNI (Pur) F Djoko Poerwoko), JAT undergo a name change as “Jupiter Blue”. On of the consideration for the name change is because at that time there’s only 3 Hawk MK53 Planes available to fly. The team then performed with three different planes, Hawk MK53, Hawk 100, and F16. Indonesian Air Force’s Jupiter Blue was then recorded as the first aerobatic team in the world that uses 3 different planes in their performances.

In the last few years, the Indonesian Air Force’s aerobatic team revert their name back to Jupiter Aerobatic Team, now using KT1 Wong Bee from Korea. Indonesian Air Force has 16 KT-1 planes in the Squadron Educational 102 Wing Aviation Education Lanud Adisutjipto. KT-1is the main plane for training and education in Skadik 102.

JAT’s performance in Thailand is their first performance overseas. In Indonesia, JAT have performed numerously in official events such as Army Anniversary, Aviation Anniversary, and other events in the country.