Biofarma joins with leading vaccine manufacturer in Thailand


On the 30th of April 2012, located in Queen Saovabha Memorial Insitute Bangkok, a cooperation agreement was signed between Queen Saovabha Memoral Insitute (QSMI), Bionet Asia Co. Ltd and PT. Biofarma from Indonesia. The cooperation was in the form of Tetanus diphteria (Td) vaccine, imported by PT. Biofarma Indonesia. The signing was also witnessed by the Indonesian Ambassador for the Kingdom of Thailand, Mr Lutfi Rauf.

The Td vaccine project was first initiated by BioNET-Asia Co, Ltd, a leading company in biotechnology focused in research, development, and manufacturing vaccine in Thailand. Realizing that there’s a high domestic demand for vaccine, while there’s only a relatively limited supply. “Even if the Td vaccine was available in Thailand, it is a bit pricey due to limited supply, and also because it is one of the routinely used vaccine by WHO Expanded Immunization Program we have have decided to play an important role. First we look for a leading manufacturer who can supply Td vaccine in large quantity to make it more accesible by the people in Thailand. Because there’s only a few number of Td vaccine manufacturer, we were glad to found out that Pt Biofarma Indonesia can fulfil our requirements. And also, obviously, we have to find a leading and accredited vaccine packaging filler. QSMI, a part from Red Cross Thailand is one of the qualified manufacturer with good facilites, who also have manufactured biological products such as snake anti-venom, rabies, and BCG vaccine for several decades” as disclosed by Mr. Vitoon Vonghangool, the Director for BioNET-Asia regarding how the cooperation was initiated. The CEO of Biofarma, Mr. Iskandar Buhori coveyed that Biofarma have acquired international certification issued by WHO, so there won’t be any doubt regarding the the quality of the vaccine, and the vaccine have been imported to various countries.

The Indonesian Ambassador for the Kingdom of Thailand, in his remarks coveyed that this cooperation is a concrete manifestation of ASEAN Economic Comunnity as a whole, where the vaccine is manufactured in Indonesia, then packaged and marketed in Thailand. Also, this cooperation is also in accordance with the ASEAN Health Ministers’ vision, to realize a healthy ASEAN Community, both physically and mentally, in a healthy environment in the year 2020. The ambassador also hoped that such cooperation can also be realized in other fields.