Batik Fashion Show Astonished International Woman Community

          Fashion Prtr.jpg            Around 250 guests who are mostly woman were fascinated by a parade of Batik outfits shown by 20 Thai and Indonesia models along the cat walk of Batik Fashion Show at Wisma Indonesia (Indonesian Ambassador’s residence) on May 3rd, 2018. Among the guests were spouses of Ambassadors, business women, the members of international women’s organizations, Red Cross community, journalists, and other dignitaries.

The Indonesian Batik Fashion Show was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok, in collaboration with the Indonesian Women Association of the Embassy, and Yayasan Batik Indonesia (Indonesian Batik Foundation) Jakarta. The Show featured casual, formal and high-fashion collections of Indonesian designers, namely Ms.Ririn (Astha Samara), Nita (Gallery Batik Jawa), Mariana (Parang Kencana), and Gita (Bee).

This Fashion Show is also a part of the endless effort by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok in promoting Indonesian culture and tourism as well as in strengthening people to people contact between Indonesia and Thailand

Batik is an inseparable part of Indonesian life. Historically, the Indonesians have been using Batik since the 12th century, and Batik has been one of Indonesian strong identities which has been uniting Indonesians’ diverse ethnicities, religion, and cultures.


Batik’s patterns and colors, which are diverse as well as unique, reflect symbols of life and hopes of those who are wearing or using it. Batik’s making and dyeing process also reflects the quality of workmanship. Meanwhile, the parade of beautiful Batik outfits with traditional patterns, such as Parang, Truntum, dan Kawung, as well as with modern motifs, has also proven that Batik outfits are suitable for international community for various occasions. 

 “We, Indonesians, are very proud of our culture, including Batik, so through the fashion show, the Embassy would like to present Batik as the valuable cultural heritage which has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 2 October 2009”, said Mrs. Anita Rusdi, the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Ahmad Rusdi, in her opening speech of the Fashion Show. Furthermore, the Indonesian Government designated October 2nd as the National Batik Day.

            While enjoying the Fashion Show, the guests also relished Indonesian dances performed by the students of the Indonesian School of Bangkok, Kolintang and Angklung musical ensemble by Yayasan Batik Indonesia. At the end of the program, the guests are invited to savor Indonesian culinary which are rich and delicious at once.

            Most of the guests were extremely impressed not only by the lovely Fashion Show and attractive dance and music performances, but also by the delectably various Indonesian dishes. Madame Astrid Amaya, the wife of Colombian Ambassador, said that the event is indeed beautiful and unique at once, not only the Batik fashion show, but also all the performances of dance and music ensemble. Meanwhile, Ms. Kathleen P, former IWC President stated that she really enjoyed the extravagant and excellent performance, which open the eyes more on how beautiful Indonesian culture, including Batik, is.

            Hopefully through this event, the international community in Bangkok could know more about Indonesian Batik, dances, music and culinary, which in turn encourage them to visit Indonesia to directly experince its culture as well as its natural beauty (Indonesian Embassy)