Bangkok, 20 March 2013 - The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok cq. Commercial Attaché participated in the annual event Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather (BIFF & BIL), which was held from 13 to 17 March 2013. This year, with the theme “Trade with Remarkable Indonesia”, the representative had invited several small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to introduce and showcase Indonesian fined traditional woven fabric called Songket from Palembang and Bali. Indonesian SMEs had also provided their flagship products such as Batik, Muslim fashion apparels, snake and crocodile leather handbags, purses and shoes as well as accessories made by artisans and designers like Anis Collection, Fikri Collection, Graha Mutiara, H2 H2, Naputo Bali, Rumah Busana Tria, and Tenun Astiti. 

Ida Rustini, Commercial Attaché for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok said: “For this year BIFF & BIL, we were pleased to present Songket from Bali and Palembang as our icon and woven fabric to traders and public. There were other Indonesian qualified products like Batik which were showcased and attracted many visitors as well. This was a good opportunity for us to promote Indonesia’s product to the people of Thailand and other countries.”

The Indonesia-Thailand trade balance shows a trade deficit for Indonesia. In 2012, it had reached to US$ 3.12 and in 2011 the deficit has increased for 15.54%; which was derived from the increased in non-oil and gas commodities export of Thailand to Indonesia which was counted for US$11.03 Billion in 2012; while the export of non-oil and gas commodity of Indonesia is only US$6.76 Billion. Through this exhibition, we were hoping that we would be able to reduce the deficit for Indonesia’s trade balance with Thailand.

During the five days fair, the SMEs from Indonesia had experienced positive responses from traders and public that showed interest in their goods. Snake and crocodile leather handbags, clutches and shoes were among the attractive and qualified products that were sold out for the first three days. Beside that, the vibrant colors and diverse motives of Songket and Batik had also won the visitors attention.