Indonesia and Azerbaijan Academicians is Establishing Strategic Partnership for Multiculturalism and Pluralism


Indonesian and Azerbaijan Academicians are signing a Letter of Intent to establish a strategic partnership for Multiculturalism and Pluralism at Baku International Multilateralism Center on 26 December 2016. The agreement comes about after several seminars held in Indonesia and Azerbaijan during the past two years.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, H. E. Husnan Bey Faninie said 'The agreement will pave a way for a more concrete cooperation for Indonesia and Azerbaijan in term of developing multicultural and plural society'. The Ambassador added that the agreement should give Indonesia and Azerbaijan more opportunities to share and take advantage of each other best practices of multicultural and plural society.

The Letter of intent mandated both parties to develop activities and programme relating to education and research, publications and information, courses or training, joint organization of conference, and seminar related to multilateralism and pluralism.

The cooperation of Indonesia and Azerbaijan in term of multiculturalism and pluralism has started since 2014 and each year several activities such as seminar and conferences have been held regularly since. The latest seminar was held in Baku on 22-23 December 2016 coinciding with the Azerbaijan's commitment to proclaim 2016 as the year of Multiculturalism in the country.

The cooperation are developed upon the strength of both countries as multicultural and plural society. Indonesia is well known as a nation build upon hundreds ethnic group. Meanwhile,   Azerbaijan with its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia has a long history to live with several ethnic groups such as Turks, Tartars, Russian, Iranian as well as a long history of interreligious coexistence.​