Indonesia Honoured Azerbaijan Pencak Silat and Prof. Habib Zarbaliyev at her Independence Day

Commemorating its independence day, Indonesian Embassy in Baku honoured Friends of Indonesia in Azerbaijan, Jeyhun Ashrafov, Abbas Hunbatov and Prof. Habib Zarbaliyev. Those people were honoured in a ceremony after flag hoisting ceremony in commemorating the anniversary of the 72nd Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Husnan Bey  Fananie mentioned that three of them has been honoured for their effort in enhancing the friendship between Indonesian and Azerbaijani and enhancing better understanding between people of Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

Prof. Habib Zarbaliyev has been well known for building a better understanding between Indonesian and Azerbaijani through education.  Indonesian language major and establishing Indonesian Center at Azerbaijan University of Languages are among of those efforts that he contributed for the friendship between Indonesian and Azerbaijan.

While, Abbas Hunbatov and Jeyhun Ashrafov has been major contributors in introducing Pencak Silat in Azerbaijan. Pencak Silat, a traditional martial art from Indonesia is practiced not only for physical defense but also carries philosophical values and the way of life of Indonesian.

The Republic of Indonesia is celebrating August 17th as her independence day and marks Indonesia’s independence from Dutch colonial rule since 1945.