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Welcome to the visa services section,


If you have been considering to visit Wonderful Indonesia either for leisure or business, this section will provide you information on how to obtain the suitable visa for your visit.   

First of all, make sure if you are eligible for a visa exemption or visa upon arrival facility. Indonesia grants visa exemptions​ to nationals from 169 countries/special territories and visas upon arrival to nationals from 68 countries.

There may be a number of visas that you are eligible to apply for – each with its own criteria and application process. To ensure that you apply for the right visa, please take time to go through this section.  

Certain nationals intending to visit Indonesia require a calling visa which is approved by the Immigration Head Office. Former Indonesian nationals and children with limited dual nationality are accorded special facilities when visiting and staying in Indonesia, for further details visit this section. 

For diplomatic and service visas please refer to this section.

The Embassy issues only single visit visa - B211A and the remainder of visa types require approval from the Immigration Head Office before it is issued by the Embassy. The type of visas and their usage are as follows: 




B211ATourism, family visit, social, art and culture, official government activities, non-commercial sports activity, short courses/training, business contacts, purchase of goods, participant or speaker at seminar, participant in an international exhibition, attend meeting of branch/representative office in Indonesia, transiting to another country, join a transportation mode in Indonesia, or carry out emergency relief work (natural disasters).
B211B​Industrial related activities pertaining to:
  • Conduct training, provide guidance or instructions on implementing industrial technology, product design or cooperation in international marketing for Indonesia. 
  • Audit, quality control of production, or inspection at branch companies in Indonesia. 
  • Participating in competency test for job position in Indonesia.

B211C​Journalistic and filming activities pertaining to: 
  • Journalistic visit. 
  • Film-making of non-profit/non-commercial nature



D212Family visit, Business, and Governmental activities including social, arts and culture, purchasing of goods, participating in seminar, participating in an international exhibition, participating in meetings held by the head or representative office in Indonesia and continuing travel to another country.



C311​Experts working for United Nations' organizations or agencies.


​Working visa for the following:
  • Experts.
  • Crew on vessel or marine installation in territorial waters, continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • Performing duties as a cleric.
  • Conducting activities related to profession with pay.
  • Commercial filming which has been approved by the Indonesian corresponding authorities.
  • Quality control activities of goods or production.
  • Inspection or audit at branch company in Indonesia.
  • Aftersales services.
  • Installation and repair of machinery.
  • Working at construction projects.
  • Musical or artistic performance and sport.
  • Professional sports activities.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Participating in competency test for job position in Indonesia.
C313Non-working Foreign Investor for a maximum stay period of 1 Year.
C314Non-working Foreign Investor for a maximum stay. period of 2 Year.
C315Non-working and for Training and Research.
C316Non-working student visa.
C317Family Reunification.
C318Repatriation for former Indonesian nationals.
C319Tourist visit for elderly travellers.


Applying for a Visa through the Embassy


To ensure efficiency in our service delivery, all visa applications with corresponding documents are to be sent via email to Payment of visa application fees is made at the application stage and is non-refundable.


All payments are made by transfer into the Embassy's account:


National Bank of Greece

Account Number: 614/001186-02


Applying for a Visa directly to the Immigration Head Office

Guarantors (in Indonesia) of visa applicants may apply on your behalf either by visiting the Immigration Head Office or on line [link]. Once the application has been approved by the Immigration Head Office, the Embassy will notify the applicant and approve to issue the corresponding visa. For visas requiring prior approval, it is advisable that applications are made directly to the Immigration Head Office.


Please click on each visa type to obtain further information on their requirements.