The Chairman of Indonesian Assembly visited Iraq


?Chairman of the Indonesian Representative Assembly, Sidarta Danusubroto, accompanied by three Vice-Chairman and a number of its members had a working visit to Iraq on 14-15 May 2014. During his visit, the Chairman of the Assembly held a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, Osama al-Nujaifi.

Danusubroto congratulated the success of the Iraqi parliament elections while emphasizing the importance of economic and energy cooperation between Indonesia and Iraq as the two countries have their economic base in the utilization of the extractive industry. Danusubroto futher stated that Indonesia and Iraq which have been practicing democracy could be a model in which democray values could be hand in hand with the Islamic norms and values.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on his part welcomed the offer of cooperation by stressing that his country nowdays is not only facing challenges due to the war, embargo, and international sanctions, but also new emerging challenges in the form of terrorism/Takfiris (infidel tendencies of other groups), as well as sectarian issue.
"We need the help and support of Islamic countries such as Indonesia to face the daunting challenge", added Prime Minister al - Maliki .
Maliki futher said Iraq is ready to cooperate with Indonesia, not only in economics field, but also in culture and education. there are a lot of world cultural heritages such as the Babylonians and the Islamic heritage of the Abbasid dynasty. Maliki also stated that Iraq welcomes the pilgrims from Indonesia who want to visit the various relics of Islam in Iraq.
Besides that, Chairman of the Indonesian Assembly also had a meeting with the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Osama al-Nujaifi, on Thursday ( 15/05 ). During the meeting, the Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament expressed his concern on the spread of hatred incitement provoked by mazhab (Islamic school of thought) differences. Nujaifi warned that the tendency of hostility between these schools of thought is very dangerous for the unity of Muslims. "Do not let Indonesia dragged into hostilities and conflicts due to differences in schools of thoughts like what happen now in Syria and Iraq , " said an- Nujaifi.
Hostilities between the Sunni - Shi'ite in Syria and Iraq is a provocation of regional power in the Middle East and do not reflect the interests of Muslims. We hope Indonesia will not be dragged into such a conflict, he added .
Nujaifi further stated Indonesia which consists of various ethnic and religious backgrounds can be a model for other Islamic countries to be able to live and accept differences. He also stressed the need for cooperation in the field of economics to strengthen the position of Islamic countries.  Nujaifi also said "It is time for us to focus on energy and efforts to pursue progress and prosperity as the Abbasid period achieved and put aside any differences".
During his three-day visit to Iraq , Chairman of the Indonesian Assembly also had a meeting with the governor of Babil, governor of Karbala and also with the leaders of Iraq's Sunni Waqf.