Indonesian traditional dance class introduction to the Plate Dance of West Sumatera

The Embassy of Indonesia is organizing the Plate Dance (Tari Piring) class, an Indonesian traditional dance from West Sumatera.  The class is on every Wednesday from 1st April until 29th April, at 16.00 hrs-18.00 hrs at the Embassy premises. The class is open for public and free of charge.

The Plate Dance shows an exceptional feature of placing porcelain or ceramic plates on both open palms of dancers as they perform fast and vibrant choreographies that involve the swaying of plates to every direction and even turning them upside down with their palms turned down.  Amazingly, whatever energetic moves the dancers make, the plates continue to stick as if glued to their palms.
The dance symbolizes the gratefulness of the people to the Almighty God, which was performed as a ritual during the harvest time and was considered an exclusive art to be shown for the royal family and performed exclusively in palaces or at royal occasions.
to register the class, please send email to