Press Release


Press Release No.869/C.2/2011 The Government of the Republic of Indonesia will host an international democracy conference “The Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) IV” on 8 - 9 December 2011 at Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), Nusa Dua – Bali province, Indonesia. The theme of the forum is “Enhancing Democratic Participation in a Changing World: Responding to Democratic Voices”. The BDF is an Indonesian initiative for the promotion and the empowerment of democracy institutions in the region. It is an annual forum of ministerial level from democratic countries in Asia and other regions as well as countries which have aspiration to be more democratic countries. The aim of the BDF is to create a regional forum which promotes political development through dialogues and exchange of experiences and international cooperation for strengthening the regional democracy institutions. Furthermore, the BDF is also to commence democracy learning and sharing process among countries in the region. It is as a strategic tool to reach a sustainable peace, stability and prosperity in the regions and surround. At the end of annual BDF meetings, a Chairman’s Statement is made which reflect views and commitments of participating countries to cooperate in the field of democracy promotion. It is interesting to note that the participants of the BDF from Asia, Africa and Europe are increasing yearly since the first BDF in 2008. The participants of the 1st BDF were 40 countries, the 2nd BDF were 48 countries and the 3rd BDF were 86 countries. It shows the more increasing of appreciation of countries in Asia and other regions towards the BDF meeting. It also shows that the BDF and democracy become strategic agenda in the region. The BDF produces a lot of cooperation initiatives which have impacts to strengthening democracy institutions in Asia region. The BDF has also become a regional architect which gets many countries’ attention in the field of democracy promotion. The Bali Democracy Forum IV will be attended by 15 Head of States and representatives from 54 countries of Asia–Pacific region as well as representatives from 66 countries and international organisations from other regions as observers (among others : Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Nigeria, European Union). To implement the results of the BDF, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has established The Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD). The main tasks of the IPD are to expedite the exchange of views and experiences among participating countries through various activities among others : workshops, seminars, lectures, election visit, training for the government officials, and broadening of networking. In the long run, the IPD will become the centre of excellence in the region and the world. In this regards, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia would like to inform to the mass media agencies and related institutions in Turkey who would like to make coverage on the Bali Democracy Forum IV have to fill in media registration form. The Media Registration Form and Media Advisory are available in website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as follows Furthermore the media registration form which has been completed together with a digital photograph for the registration must be sent to the organizing committee through email to before 2 December 2011 at 17.00 Jakarta time.