Indonesia & Turkey

Despite geographical distances, there had been commercial, diplomatic and military relations between Turkey and Indonesia dated back the Sultanate kingdom in Aceh. These relations took place mainly in the 16th and 19th centuries. Official record in the Mühimme Records issued by the Divan-i Humayun (Ottoman Government) states the coming of Aceh envoys to Istanbul and their request of military aid from Turkey as well as on the preparation of a navy campaign to Sumatra in support of Aceh in 1567. As for the 19th century relations, the Turkish sources focus on the coming of Aceh delegations to Istanbul in 1851 and 1873. These sources come from various government offices, and they are mainly related to the renewal of loyalty compromise of the 16th century and Acehnese requests of protection from the Ottoman Empire. The presence of the Turks in the region has also been recorded by the famous North African Muslim traveler Ibni Battuta (d.1369), who visited the Samudra-Pasai Sultanate in northern Sumatra on his way to China in 1345 and 1346. He mentions that the state traditions of this sultanate are similar to those of the Delhi Turkish Sultanate in India. He also tells about the story of a queen who spoke Turkish with himself in an island called Tawalisi. Her name is given with a Turkish word as Urduja.
In the present time, the relations between Indonesia and Turkey are excellent and much stronger beyond the old and past ones. This has been evident by intensifying regular meetings and contacts between the leaders, ministers and government officials, politicians, academics and students, as well as business people. Both countries have reaffirmed strong desire to excel the bilateral relations through continuing practical cooperation in wider-range of fields and establish a forward-looking partnership. Both countries also pledge to deepen economic links and build synergies between the economies both public and private. Contacts between the people of both countries is also intensifying. The number of people coming and visiting from and to both countries has been increased.
To date, Indonesia and Turkey have signed number of bilateral treaties or agreement.
They are:
  1. Trade Agreement (14 September 1958)
  2. Cultural Agreement (18 August 1973)
  3. MoU on Cooperation in Construction Services (12 March 1982)
  4. Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (18 December 1982)
  5. Agreed Minutes of the First Session of the Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation (15 January 1985)
  6. Agreed Minutes of the Second Session of the Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation (27 January 1988)
  7. Air Transport Agreement relating to Scheduled Air Transport (18 February 1993)
  8. MoU between Turkish Association of Chambers of Commerce and Stock Exchange (TOBB) and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) (18 February 1993)
  9. Agreement on the Establishment of Business Council (12 January 1995)
  10. MoU and Protocol on Agricultural Cooperation (30 May 1995)
  11. Agreement on Double Taxation Avoidance (25 February 1997)
  12. Agreed Minutes of the Fifth Session of the Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation (17 June 2005)
  13. Agreement on Investment (25 February 1997)
  14. MoU between Batam Industrial Development Authority of the Republic of Indonesia and the Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Company in Turkey (17 June 2005)
  15. Protocol on the Joint Issuance of Stamps (17 June 2005)
  16. MoU on Cooperation in Tourism (6 October 1993)
  17. MoU between the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) of the Republic of Indonesia and the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (17 June 2005)
  18. MoU between the National Standardization Agency of the Republic of Indonesia and the Turkish Standards Institution on Technical Cooperation (17 June 2005)
  19. Protocol of Cooperation between the National Agency for Export Development (NAFED) of the Republic of Indonesia and Export Promotion Center of Turkey (IGEME) (17 June 2005)
  20. Agreed Minutes of the Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation (13 October 2006)