Indonesia in Travelexpo 3rd International Torism Fair Ankara

Turkish crowds are amazed by all the colors and glamorous culture of Indonesia shown at the Indonesian Embassy booth during the Travel Expo Ankara, 3rd Turizm Fuari on 22-25 March 2018 in ATO Congressium, Ankara. Formally opened by the Minister, Mr. Numan Kurtulmus, the Expo was held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, joined by more than 200 participants from culture and tourism industry such hotels, restaurants, native culinaries, museums, crafts, also local governments and universities.

Families, couples, children, students and even senior citizens, were patiently waited to be dressed as Indonesian royals with traditional dress on the photo booth. They were very enthusiast in trying to play the bamboo angklung and gamelan instruments displayed at the booth. Many of them shared their unforgettable holiday moments in Bali, Jakarta and Bandung, but more of them are eagerly asked about flights, ticket fares, hotel locations, even the price of a single portion of Nasi Goreng and Nasi Padang on their plan visiting Indonesia for the first time.

We received inquiries from Turkish medias on making the Turkish people familiar with Indonesian culture and tourism potentials through journalists visit program. Along the same line, there were also a number of Turkish travel companies, asking for local partners in Indonesia for having Turkish tourists visiting Indonesian destinations. There were around 50.000 visitors during the whole 4 days of the expo.

(Source: KBRI Ankara)