Meeting & Dialogue Between Indonesian Embassy in Ankara with Indonesian Citizens in Turkey

As in previous years, the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara has been conducting meeting & dialogue with Indonesian citizens in various cities in which Indonesian citizens are concentrated in Turkey. 5 teams of Indonesian Embassy in Ankara held the meeting in Kayseri, Antalya, Konya, Izmir, Trabzon & Samsun. The meetings were arranged in a warm informal way as it is a very effective way for the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara to be able to explain directly various programs, such as improving the quality of services and protection of Indonesian citizens, the d​evelopment of digital diplomacy, promotion of economic, tourism & culture cooperations, as well as direct-​​hearing for aspirations of Indonesian citizens & problems encountered during their stay in Turkey.

In addition, with the upcoming election in 2019, the opportunity were also used to update & re-record the number of Indonesian citizens who have the right to vote. Positive responses are seen from Indonesian citizens in Turkey during the dialogues. 

(Source: KBRI Ankara)