Bahasa Indonesia Speech Competition


The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia organize Bahasa Indonesia Speech Competition (BISC 2016) for Turkish citizen. Two best participant will be awarded a round trip to Indonesia for culture tour and workshop in Jakarta and Yogyakarta and other attractive activities for 5 days.

The theme for BISC 2016 is "Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia", i.e. Indonesian Language and Culture. This theme can be divided into 4 (four) sub-theme that can be choosen:

  • Sahabat Baruku Orang Indonesia (My New Friend is Indonesian).
  • Senangnya Belajar Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia (Joy of Learning Indonesian Language and Culture).
  • Peran Indonesia di Kawasan ASEAN (The Role of Indonesia in ASEAN).
  • Semboyan "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity as a Motto).

Criteria for participants:

  • Participant is not a native speaker of Indonesian or Malayan Language.
  • Participant is 18 to 27 years old.
  • Participant has not been staying in Indonesia for accumulatively 6 months.

The speech must be:

  • Original, not an adaptation, translation, or other person's work.
  • A reflection of speaker's own ideas and thoughts.
  • Written in standard Bahasa Indonesia, double spaced, in A4 paper size.
  • Delivered orally in form of speech for max. 10 minutes.
  • Not containing any kind of sensitive issues and/or support to any certain group or organisation.

Participant will have to attach the following document when submitting his/her speech script:

  • Student Certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi) and copy of student's ID Card (if applicable)
  • 2 (two) color photograph
  • Copy of T.C ID Card or Turkish Passport

The speech script and other documents (student certificate, photograph and ID) will have to be sent to Embassy's email to or via post to our Embassy's office. The letter or email should be addressed in attention to Social and Cultural Affairs

Schedule of BISC 2016

9 – 28 May 2016Submission of the Speech Script
4 – 5 June 2016Speech Performance
8 June 2016Announcement of 2 (two) Best Composition in Our Embassy's Page
June – July 2016Pre-departure Administrative Preparation of Awardees
15 August 2016Arrival of Awardees in Indonesia
16 August 2016Welcoming Ceremony and Jakarta Culture Trip
17 August 2016Indonesia Independence Day Ceremony in National Palace and Trip to Yogyakarta

18 August 2016 –

19 August 2016

Yogyakarta Culture Trip and Indonesian Traditional Art Workshop
20 August 2016Departure to Jakarta and to Turkey


Ankara, 8 May 2016