Visa Kunjungan


  1. Application Letter/Guarantee Letter/Invitation Letter
  2. Return/Through Ticket
  3. Valid Passport (machine readable, 6 months for single entry, 18 months for multiple entry)
  4. Bank Account Statement (last 3 months)
  5. Valid Resident Permit in Jordan or Palestine (all nationalities except Jordanians and Palestinians)
  6. Recent Colored Photograph (passport size)
  7. Visa fee (single entry= 50 USD)
  8. Approval Letter from Indonesian Immigration Authority for the purpose of:
    1. For Limited stay visa (MANDATORY)
    2. For Film making (MANDATORY)
    3. For Journalism (MANDATORY)
    4. For Non Jordanians/Non Palestinians without valid resident permit in Jordan/Palestine (MANDATORY)
    5. For Multiple entry visa (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)