Indonesian Day Exhibition

L’Ambassadeur d’Indonésie à Alger SEM. Ahmad Ni’am Salim continue à déployer des efforts visant à accroître la coopération économique entre l'Indonésie et l'Algérie. Afin de concrétiser ces bonnes intentions, l’Agence indonésienne de la Coordination des l’investissement (BKPM), représentée par son Vice Président M. Achmad Kurniadi
On May 5, 2015, in collaboration with Philadelphia University, the Indonesian Embassy in Amman has organized an "Indonesian Day" exhibition at Philadelphia University (PU). The event is divided into two sessions with two different venues; the Opening and Cultural Performances at the Auditorium of PU, and the Exhibition at the Student Activities Hall.

The opening ceremony was attended by no less than 400 invitees, including the President of PU and staffs, the ALIF groups Ambassadors, the President and the members of the Jordan-Indonesia Friendship Association (JIFA), the media, and other invitees. The opening ceremony took place in a festive, especially when Saman dance and musical Angklung were performed.

In the exhibition which is no less festive, the booths displayed the Indonesian Potential Economy and Trade, Culture, Tourism, Culinary, Furniture, and Handicrafts. There was also free sampling and free testing of some Indonesian food and beverage products such as Indomie and Good Day coffee.​