Indonesian Ambassador meets the Secretary General of The Islamic Charity Center Society (ICCS)


?On March 4, 2015, the Ambassador of Indonesia has received the visit of the Chairman of the foundation of The Islamic Charity Center Society (ICCS), Dr. Jamil Al-Duhaisat, and Director of Information and Cooperation ICCS, Dr. Abdul Qadir Al-Kafaween. The main purposes of the visit are to introduce the foundation and to request assistances from the Embassy in mediating their efforts in exploring partners as well as enlarging their network with similar counterparts in Indonesia.

ICCS which was established in 1963, is one of the largest non-profit charitable foundation in Jordan that engaged in education, health, and facilitation of the orphans and the needy. 

The foundation is listed as one of the most recommended foundation by the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development in mediating various relief and humanitarian programs of the various international agencies that enter into Jordan, including UNESCO. Among the facilities owned by the foundation are; 2 hospitals, 17 health center facilities, 64 social facilities including orphanages and poor service, 46 schools, language centers, and nursing education centers.

As part of the follow-up, on March 9, 2015, the Ambassador of Indonesia has made a visit to one of the foundations facilities, namely the Islamic Hospital in Amman. Ambassador had also meet the chairman of the foundation, the Secretary General, Deputy Chairman, Director of Information and Cooperation, Director of Education, Director of the Hospital and several members of the board of directors of the foundation.

Among the important points raised in the meeting is the planned follow-up to bridge ICCS with similar institutions in Indonesia. As a preface of intense cooperation, ICCS expecting similar synergy of social activities such as exchange experiences through study visits and joint seminars, exchange of logistics facility utilization (inbound and outbound), and assessment of the signing of the MoU.

The Ambassador expressed the positive feedback to the plan, in particular by highlighting the importance of encouraging the improvement of bilateral relations in various sectors, G-to-G and P-to-P.

As a follow up, the Chairman of ICCS has sent an official letter requesting favors of the Embassy and authorities in Indonesia to bridge them with relevant counterparts in the country.?