Development of Bilateral Relations Between Indonesia – Palestine


Indonesia is the first country to recognize the independence of Palestine after the declaration of the State of Palestine in Algeria, November 15, 1988. As part of further support from Indonesia to Palestine, on 19 October 1989 in Jakarta has been signed "Joint Communique opening of diplomatic relations" between the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Ali Alatas, and the Palestinian foreign minister, Farouq Kaddoumi, which also marks the opening of the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Jakarta.

The first Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia belief presented his Credentials to President Soeharto on 23 April 1990. On the contrary, the Government of Indonesia stipulates that the Ambassador in Tunis also accredited to the State of Palestine. Since June 1st, 2004, the accreditation of Palestine under coupling Embassy in Jordan.

Since then, through various forums, including the UN, OIC and NAM, Indonesia has consistently voiced support for the Palestinian struggle to gain independence and sovereignty in full. In this regard, Indonesia is among the countries which have voted the support so that Palestine can be a member of all 195 UNESCO on October 31, 2011, and obtained the status of "state" ( a non-member observer state ), from the previous status as "entities" ( non-member observer entity ), the decision of the UN General Assembly 29 November 2012.

On September 10, 2015, the UN General Assembly endorsed a draft resolution, which allows the raising of the flags of the countries observers of the UN (the Holy See and Palestine) at the headquarters and offices of the United Nations, through voting, with the results of 119 favor, 45 abstentions, and 8 refused. Indonesia became one of the  co-sponsor  and vote in favor of voting. Besides Indonesia, Palestine obtaining  co-sponsorship  of 54 other countries.

During 2015, Indonesia also has hosted two conferences, namely: (1) The Asian-African Summit in April 2015 in commemoration of the 60th Asian-African Conference (KAA) in 1955, which was held GoI and produce al special declaration on support to Palestine, and (2)  the International Conference on the Question of Jerusalem , 14 to 15 December 2015, and  the UN Civil Society Forum on the Question of Palestine , December 16, 2015, organized by the United Nations in cooperation with the OIC and the Indonesian Government in Jakarta.

At the bilateral level, the two countries have not been able to realize a lot of real cooperation with respect to the limitations experienced by Palestinians due to Israeli occupation. However, since the date of March 13, 2016, Indonesia has had an Honorary Consul located in Ramallah, which is tasked among others to promote cooperation between the two countries.

OIC Summit and the Declaration of Jakarta

The Indonesian government has organized the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC Summit) 6-7 March 2016 in Jakarta to discuss support for the Palestinians as outlined in Resolution and Declaration. There are 56 member states, 4 observer countries, and the four parties involved in the peace process between the Palestinians by Israel in this summit.

The draft resolution contains the efforts reaffirmed the position of principle and commitment of the OIC to Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif. The resolution is expected in line with the will of the Palestinian people. While the Declaration contains the Indonesian initiative which includes a concrete action plan OIC leaders to the Palestinian issue and the settlement of Al-Quds Al-Sharif.


Indonesia-Palestinian bilateral trade volume has not shown great. The lack of trade volume between the two countries is inseparable from the negeri Palestina condition of enduring conflict and policy restrictions on movement of people and flow of goods to / from the Palestinians by the Israeli government.


Indonesia and Palestine have bilateral cooperation in the field of education, which has resulted in an increase in the number of WN WN Jordan Palestine and Palestinian origin who had studied in universities in Indonesia, either through scholarships or private financing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and the Palestinians also have the cooperation in the field of education as stipulated in the MoU on cooperation in education and training in diplomatic relations. The MoU was signed in Jakarta on October 22, 2007. One form of cooperation is training for the Palestinian diplomat in Indonesia, facilitated by the Center for Education and Training Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Through the joint efforts Embassy in Amman and the Palestinian alumni association who had studied in Indonesia, has been formed Palestinian-Indonesian Friendship Association  (PIFA), which was approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Internal Affairs on 1 October 2013. The PIFA has been instrumental in strengthening the relationship  of P-to-P  second nation, including mediation socio-cultural relations, as in the case of distribution of Indonesian scholarships to Palestinian students and other arts and cultural activities.

In the field of tourism, during the visit of Palestinian Prime Minister to Indonesia in 2014, has signed the MoU in the field of tourism. One form of implementation of the MoU is the organization of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and seminars to encourage tourist arrivals from both countries. The tourist industry is one of the important income for the Palestinians, given the limited resources it has.

Indonesia and Palestine have a twin town cooperation, which is among the country's capital, Jakarta, and Al-Quds Al-Shareef. The MoU was signed on 22 October 2007, which includes cooperation among others in the field of disaster and crisis management, education and training, social and cultural.

Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Ramallah

On March 13, 2016, the Foreign Minister had inaugurated the Honorary Consul (Konhor) RI in Ramallah, Mrs. Maha Abou Susheh. The inauguration was held at the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, and was attended by the Palestinian Foreign Minister, HE Riyad Malki, the foreign ambassador in Jordan, government officials, and other guests.