About Palestine

Country name    Palestine
The nation's capitalJerusalem
President   Mahmoud Abbas
Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah
Minister of Foreign AffairsRiyad al-Malki
Population          4,295 million
GDPU $$ 12.74 billion (2014, World Bank)
GDP per capita (PPP)U $$ 3,060 (2014, World Bank)
Economic growth2.1% ( Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics , 2013)
Diplomatic relationshipOctober 19, 1989




Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan concurrently State of Palestine, HE Andy Rachmianto

Bilateral Trade Data








(Ministry of Trade,RI)

volume of trade

2015: US $ 3.6 million

2014: US $ 1.0 million

2013: US $ 553.8 thousand


Balance of Trade

2015: + US $ 3.3 million

2014: + US $ 808.1 thousand

2013: + US $ 181.7 thousand

Main export RI to PalestineTextile and garment, footwear, wood products, mineral products, stone and glass products, paper, food and beverage, plastic and rubber, furniture 
Main imports from Palestine RIStone and glass, vegetable products, textile
Total citizen± 10 lives


State of Palestine (دولة فلسطين) is a country in the Middle East between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan. Political status is still under debate. Most countries in the world including the OIC member countries, the Arab League, Non-Aligned Movement and ASEAN has recognized the existence of the State of Palestine. Palestinian Territories currently divided into two political entities, namely the Israeli Occupied Territories and the Palestinian National Authority. Palestinian Declaration of Independence was declared on 15 November 1988 in Aljazaer by the National Council (PNC) of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Located in a strategic location, between Egypt, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula, the region has a long history. The boundaries of this region have always changed throughout history, and the last time is set in modern times by the Franco-British boundary agreement (1920) and the Memorandum of Transjordan (September 16 1922), during the Palestine Mandate period.

Palestine constitutes the southeastern part of a large geographical entity in the eastern part of the Arab world which is called the Levant. In addition to Palestine, The Levant consisting of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. At first these countries had a collective border outside border with Egypt.

The border with Jordan begins to the south of the lake Tabarriyya at the disposal of Al-Yarmouk River. Continue along the Jordan River. Springs from the Jordan River, this border towards the South split in the geometrical middle of the Dead Sea and the Araba valley, to arrive at  Aqaba area.