About Jordan

Country Name

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Al-Mamlakah al-Urduniyyah al-Hāshimiyyah / the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan )

Capital cityAmman
Monarch   King Abdullāh bin al-Hussein (Abdullah II)
Prime Minister     Hani Mulki
Minister of Foreign Affairs and ExpatriatesAyman Hussein Al-Safadi
Area89 342 km²
Population          9.5 million inhabitants (National Census 2015)
CurrencyJordanian Dinar
GDPUS $ 38.2 billion (in 2015, the World Bank)
GDP per capita (PPP)US $ 5599 (in 2015, the World Bank)
Economic growth2.8% (2015, World Bank)
Diplomatic relationshipOpening 1950

Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan concurrently State of Palestine:

HE Andy Rachmianto​​


Ambassador of Jordan to RI:

HE Walid Al Hadid

Bilateral Trade Data








(Ministry RI)

Volume P erdagangan

2015: US $ 256.02 million

2014: US $ 305.19 million

2013: US $ 475.12 million


Balance of Trade

2015: - US $ 65.54 million

2014: + US $ 92.6 million

2013: - US $ 156.42 million

Main export RI to JordanWood and other dairy products ( plywood, wood products, paper and pulp ), textile and garment, glassware, glass product , tuna, food and beverage, tires, palm oil, furniture , coffee and tea
RI Top imports from JordanPotash , phosphate, salt and products from the Dead Sea
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Jordan to IndonesiaUSD 211.9 million for 3 projects (BKPM, 2013)
Total citizen2779 people (2015)


Jordan (الأردن) the official name of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan an Arab country in Western Asia, the southern desert region ranging from Syria to the Gulf of Aqaba. Jordan is bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Israel and the Palestinians in the West and in the East and Saudi Arabia's South. Most areas of Jordan is desert, especially the Arabian desert, but in the northwest with the river Jordan (Jordan River) region is a fertile agricultural region, the Jordanian capital Amman also located in the region.

Jordan is rich in history, its location at the center of the Middle East provides many benefits for him. In its long history, Jordan has a lot of contact with various cultures, including the ancient cultures of the eastern world as a culture Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian and Persian. Jordan was once a part of the leadership of Pharaoh's Egyptian colony and produce original civilization Nabatean tribes who left a legacy and wealth of archaeological remains at Petra. Culture of the western world can still be seen in Jordan as relics of the Macedonian, Roman, and Byzantine. Since the seventh century, Jordan was under Islamic rule and Arab culture, with the exception of brief days of British rule.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy where the king is head of state, head of government and commander of the armed forces. King execute his executive authority through the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Cabinet itself responsible legislative body consisting of the Senate and House of Deputies . Judicial power is an independent branch of government. But in fact the King is the absolute ruler of Jordan, all under the authority of the King. Has itself means a descendant of Nabi Muhammad SAW, which means the kings of Jordan is a direct descendant of Nabi Muhammad SAW