"Ultimate Diversity" "It gives the atmosphere at the 65th Commemoration of independence of the Republic of Indonesia in Algiers


Hundreds of guests filling the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Algiers September 27, 2010, they are fascinated by the beauty of traditional Indonesian wedding dresses that were presented during the course of the receipt of the 65th Commemoration of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in the capital Algiers, with the theme of this year's "Ultimate diversity."

Dozens of local model have shown elegantly in front of guests from various personalities in Algeria as the Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, Mohammad Kadri and the Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqf, Mr. Bouamallah Glamallah, the Vice-Presidents of Parliament and the Algerian MPs, senior executives from different departments, great personalities Algerian businessmen and academics as well as ambassadors of friendly countries and United Nations representatives in Algiers. First by the presentation of a wedding gown royal dignitary Mangkunegaran - makeup by Anna Hudoko House Raras Asih Solo, followed by a traditional wedding gown in West Java, South Sulawesi, Lampung, Padang, Bali, Aceh, and Palembang.

The parade accompanied by gamelan music playing Kebo Jiro lAmbassade by staff in the training of Mr. Yoyon Darsono, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Art and Dance (ISTI) Bandung, which is led by the thundering drum Rampak kendang received a great pleasure guests. The diversity and beauty of the fabrics from various parts of Indonesia presentations throughout the receiving line full color "Ultimate in Diversity" of such receipt.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Algeria, Ms. Yuli Mumpuni Widarso in his speech presented the development of relations between the two countries in various fields that continue to increase, thanks to the availability of opportunities in Algeria and Indonesia. She stressed that Indonesia as a country that offers a variety of export products and availabilty Indonesian operators in the field of construction to participate in various development projects in Algeria. And as an illustration on the efforts of the Embassy of Indonesia to improve exports from Indonesia to Algeria, not only to organize a business meeting and partipation fairs, but also to invite Algerian journalists to go to Indonesia to provide information to the Algerian economic operators on the potential of Indonesia in Algeria, and vice versa to invite journalists to come to Indonesia to Algeria in vure d inform the economic operators on the Indonesian market potential in Algeria, as a recently organized photo exhibition at the Museum of Bastion 23, Algiers, with pictures of Indonesian journalists work.

These various positive developments, she presented her gratitude to the Government of Algeria in particular
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Waqf which are supported various activities lAmbassade of Indonesia to increase understanding of both countries. His appreciation was also presented to the Algerian Ministry of Public Works who responded positively to the participation of the Indonesian company "PT Karya Wijaka" in the proposed construction of highways in the eastern part of Algeria. This appreciation of the Government and people of Algerian PT Wijaya Karya in the company has encouraged public participation in projects of infrastructure development in the future.

At the end of her speech, Ms. Yuli said on improving relations between the two countries Parliament reflecting a close relationship between the people of two countries that began in the Afro-Asian Conference in Bandung in 1955. Increase in the frequency they will be reflected in the exchange of visits in Parliament between the two countries and ca will be marked by the visit of President of the People's National Assembly Abdelaziz Ziari in Indonesia in October 2010.

30 September 2010