The Visit of the Indonesian Ambassador to Adrar, 26-28 January 2018

The Visit of the Indonesian Ambassador to Adrar, 26-28 January 2018


Her Excellency Indonesian Ambassador visited the Province of Adrar on 26-28 January 2018, on the invitation of the leader of Zawiyah Sidi Ibrahim, Syekh Al Hajj Ma'rouf Addaouli. In the said occasion, the Ambassador visited 5 zawiyahs and the Centre of Manuscripts and Historical Research of Al Balbaliyin.

When she visited Zawiyah Madrasah Al Quran Qasr Almansouriya led by Syekh Mohamed Salim Bouhamid, the Ambassador witnessed the first hand of the teaching process at the zawiyah. There were around 160 students who memorized Koran and learnt fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), tafseer (interpretation) and tajweed (pronunciation during recitation of the Koran). 

The Ambassador also visited Zawiyah Syekh Moulai Al Touhami Al Ghichaoui led by Syekh Mohamed Abdelkadir Moulai Al Touhami, who had around 200 students. At the time of the Ambassador's visit, this zawiyah was in the process of expanding the existed building.

When the Ambassador visited Zawiyah Sidi Ibrahim led by Syekh Al Hajj Ma'rouf Addaouli, she was greeted with festive welcome by the students of the zawiyah. During the dialogue with the zawiyah's leader, it was said that Zawiyah Sidi Ibrahim would grant scholarship for 25 Indonesian orphan students, between the ages of 13-15 years old. 

The Ambassador also visited the Centre of Manuscript and Historical Research of Al Balbaliyin, led by Syekh Al Hajj Ali Balbali. The Centre had around 10.000 manuscripts on diverse subjects like medicine, Fiqh and astronomy. Those manuscripts were written in around 12th – 18th century. These manuscripts were collected from families who kept them, so that they could be preserved and kept safe in the Centre.

The Ambassador also visited Zawiyah Al Habibiyah led by Syekh Moulai Al Hajj. This was one of the most influential zawiyahs in Adrar. Furthermore, in the visit to Zawiyah Sidi Ahmed Didi led by Syekh Al Hajj Ahmed Bikri, the Ambassador had a dialogue with the caretakers, who also showed her the collection of ancient manuscripts in their zawiyah.

The working visit to Adrar was aimed to bring the people of the two countries closer. On the other hand, since both countries have signed an MoU on the Cooperation in the field of Archive, the abundant resources of ancient manuscripts owned by Algeria could be utilised, in particular by Indonesian researchers who wanted to expand their knowledge on the history of Islam.