Parliamentary diplomacy: Pillar reinforcement of friendly relations of Indonesia - Algeria


The claim that parliamentary diplomacy is the cornerstone of strengthening friendly relations between nations, Indonesia and Algeria, which was expressed by Mr. Abdelaziz Ziari, President of the Algerian Parliament (People's National Assembly / AFN), which receives a farewell visit to Indonesian Ambassador in Algiers, Ms. Yuli Mumpuni Widarso at the NPC headquarters in Algiers, March 6, 2011. On this occasion, Ziari expressed his deep impression on the progress of development found in Indonesia during his working visit to Indonesia from 6 to 11 December 2010. He said the progress made by the Indonesian Government is the result of hard work and pride of all friendly countries of Indonesia. It is also to thank Ambassador who always supports efforts to increase cooperation between the Parliament and expressed hope Mr. Marzuki Alie, President of People's Representatives Assembléedes of the Republic of Indonesia, to visit in Algiers in 2011, following his visit to Indonesia and in order to implement a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Mr. Alie Marzuki Jakarta.

Responding to this statement, Ambassador, Ms. Yuli Mumpuni Widarso held its appreciation for the positive comments on the development of Indonesia, and expressed his appreciation for the excellent cooperation of the NPC so that allocation three years in Algeria, the number of visits has increased on both sides of Parliament that finally succeeded in forming a friendship group in Indonesia - Algeria to the NPC and the Assembly of People's Representatives of the Republic Indonesia, where the two met each other in Algiers and Jakarta. The most striking performance is conducting a working visit to Indonesia Ziari, which marked the strengthening of friendship between the two parliaments. In terms of bilateral cooperation, the Ambassador of Indonesia said that for three years service in Algiers has expanded its efforts on strengthening cooperation in various fields. It is recognized that performance in the commercial sector is not as good as in other areas, particularly because in the year 2008 there is a global financial crisis and the impact was seen in 2009 in which the Bilateral trade down 30%. But in other economic areas there is an improvement as we see increasing attention of Indonesian companies to participate in development projects in Algeria, particularly in the oil and gas sector, which should generate jobs for young Algerians. Regarding investment in Algeria, the Embassy has offered cooperation to the agency of the Algerian investment to promote the potential of Algeria to Indonesia. The Embassy could help organize the business meeting to attract investors to Indonesian agriculture to Algeria.

In recalling the development of the economic situation today, where youth unemployment is a concern for the Government of Algeria, Embassy of Indonesia has invited the media to cover the activities of knowledge transfer between the Indonesian workers to workers in Algeria. These knowledge transfer activities designed to educate the public about the presence of Indonesian workers in Algeria are not for the purpose of taking the employment share of Algerian youth. The Indonesian Construction Company supports these activities will increase the capacity of Algerian Workers, which in turn will improve their preparedness in performing various tasks in construction projects in Algeria.

Algiers, March 6, 2011