Maintaining tradition, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Algeria - a Day with the puppet Wayang

​Monday, December 26, 2011

It does not have much of state officials who still remember their background and tradition, who raised him. One of them is the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Ahmad Salim Niam. Before leaving for a mission of the State for a period of three years by President SBY, Ambassador Ahmad Salim Niam has offered a "party" with a show of "puppet" all night. This festival was also held with the circumcision of his son, Abdullah Aufa Alghifari.

The party was held on Saturday (12/24/2011) which was present a number of national political elites such as the DPP Secretary General of the PKB, Mr. Imam Nahrawi, PKN DPP President, Mr. Jusuf Mujni , regional leaders and political figures such as Deputy Mayor of Semarang, the Vice-President of Central Java PKNB DPW, Mr. Sukirman, the Chairman of the Regional Parliament of D as well as scientists and Islamic scholars from Central Java.

According Niam, the show aims to seek prayer and the blessing of the community and the scholars that circumcision brings blessing and his son has the pleasure of Allah Almighty and hoping that the stain of his mission in Algeria with full sincerity and responsibility so that it can provide the best in the nation and the country.

"It's a" party "for the circumcision of my son and also my new role as Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Algeria. I prefer to use the language of the party, rather than celebration. Hoping that everyone is safe and easy, "said NIAM.

For his part, Secretary General of the DPP PKB, M. Nahrawi Imam in his speech to call the community of Semarang to follow a character like Niam Salim. Because even if he has a way of life of thought and modernity, but Niam has never forgotten its tradition and culture that raised him. This member of the Commission V of the Representative Council of People's Republic of Indonesia has also called on all parties to pray for Niam Salim, who is considered the first frames of PKB became Ambassador to perform this task of the state and success.

The puppet show throughout the night, was filled with many of the world and a festive yet he called the master of spectacle (dalang) of the Central Java region. The number of hundreds of people stayed until dawn following a theatrical piece "Arjuno Naik Tahta" or "Throne of Arjuno Crowned" who led by the master of spectacle Ki Gunadi Pati, Central Java. "Congratulations and good luck ... ... Mr. Ambassador."
(Source: M. Hayid)​