International Women's Day 2011: Appreciation for Women Journalists Algeria


In order to commemorate International Women's Day March 8, 2011 Embassy of date Alger on March 16, 2011 date has been organizing meetings with Algerian women journalists held at Wisma Indonesia. The meeting, attended by journalists representing 14 media Algerian women, including Mme. Tsouria Benchehida, Director of International Press Alger, they will be designed in the form of cocktails and lunch talk about the development status and role of women in society. Talk show opened with a welcome Ambassador, Yuli Mumpuni Widarso, who expressed appreciation and admiration of the Algerian women journalists, not only because of an increasing number (currently about 200 journalists), but also because professional journalists have a very strategic role in community, such as in conveying messages such as cultural values, traditions, political, moral, etc. from one community to another community group, from the domestic level to international level and vice versa.

Then the Ambassador expressed about the development progress of women's status and role of Indonesia in the era of reform, and that in Indonesia there are also many successful women journalists for the challenges of a very unique profession. Regarding the development status of women in Indonesia, delivered on GoI policy which in 1998 had established an independent National Commission for Women's commission who also holds the function of monitoring and reporting on human rights violations against women in Indonesia. In addition, the GoI has also ratified the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Convention Against Violence (CAT), both then underlying the issuance of Law no. 23/2004 concerning domestic violence.

Greeting tsb get aplause of the guests who listened with rapt attention. In their talk they will seem to pay attention to the role of National Commission for Women in the promotion and protection of human rights of women, about mekanismen reporting contained in the Domestic Violence Act, Indonesian women's access to the family economy and jobs, as well as concern GoI in migrant workers issues, etc.. At the end of the event, the Algerian woman journalist claimed highly appreciate the initiative Embassy in Alger that has hosted the event they will be so they have a chance to understand more about the advancement of women in Indonesia, and expressed congratulations to the women in Indonesia who has a Domestic Violence Act and gain access to equality gender in some field of work.

Alger, March 16, 2011