Indonesia stands crowded with visitors in the International Exhibition of Crafts and Traditional Arts To-16 Alger Algeria, 23-28 November 2011


Press Release No. 08/PR/ALGER/XI/11

Indonesia once again participate in the International Exhibition of Traditional Craft and Art Algeria to-16 (16ème Salon International de l'Artisanat Traditionel et d'Art) which took place at the Palais d'Expositions, Pins Maritimes, Alger, March 23 - 28 November 2011, with display superior products such as SME Indonesia gold jewelry, silver, pearls, muslim clothing, bags batik, batik tablecloths and a variety of accessories.

Exhibition with the theme "Promouvoir Nos Traditions" (Promoting Our Tradition) which was opened by Minister of Tourism and Traditional Crafts National Algeria, Dr. Smail Memoune is intended to develop the industrial sector as well as traditional crafts and art creations for display area 48 in Algeria who came with their superior crafts. Algerian government has also invited friendly nations to participate in the exhibition, among others from Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Alger Embassy in Indonesia to facilitate the participation of 8 companies, coordinated by the Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs which occupies an area of ??27 m2. Exhibitors include:
- Mrs. Sri Adnyani of "Adnyani Collection", Jakarta
- Mrs. Asmiar Roosmaniar of "Miar Collection", West Sumatra
- Ms. Devi Andriani from "Devi Collection", Jakarta
- Mrs. Deliana Sukiswani of "Deliana Collection", Semarang
- Mrs Idawati of "Sykestex Garment", Pekalongan, Central Java
- Mrs. Olinda Djaya Kusuma from "Olinda Collection", Jakarta - Mrs. Rina Rianti Huzaemah of "Reny Feby Jewellry", New York
- Mrs.  Sri from the "Earth Collection", Jakarta
- Mr. Yaya Sukirman of "PT. Angkasa Pura II ", Jakarta

The participation of representatives from the PT. Angkasa Pura II in this exhibition, among others, in order to seek market opportunities for competitive products from companies that SMEs binaannya this time bringing one of the proxies is Deliana Sukiswani of Deliana Collection with products handbags, tablecloths and bed covers from batik. Expected to forward to relevant agencies and state enterprises could participate Indonesia promote SME superior products through participation in exhibitions of products in order to get more SMEs Indonesia and Algeria known in the region.

Minister of Tourism and Traditional Crafts Algeria expressed thanks and appreciation to the Embassy in Alger who actively encourages the participation of Indonesian businessmen and featured in the exhibition with a stand which attracted the attention of visitors because of a stand that is packed with beautiful shades and decorative Balinese batik.

Embassy in Alger expects through participation in the exhibition is the potential of Indonesia handicraft products better known in Algeria and Algeria can get into the market. Indonesia's exports to Algeria in 2010 were recorded at USD 209.25 million which is still dominated by agribusiness products such as CPO (2010: who controls 89% market share with a value of USD 35 million) and coffee (2010: 20.17% market share: EUR 52 million), rubber (2010: 2.% market share: USD 5.24 million), wood & wood products (2010: 8% market share: EUR 23.8 million). Meanwhile, the Algerian market potential, when seen in absorption in 2010 which spends USD 42.56 million to buy jewelry & accessories products in which Indonesia has not been listed as one of the sources of its imports. Meanwhile, for the textile & garment products to spend USD 126.10 million with Indonesia 0.78% mastering new Algerian market with export value of USD 442,000.00. (2010).

<Alger, 30 November 2011>