Indonesia participates in the 7th Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers of the OIC Member States Algiers 18 to 19 Decemb

​​​​​The 7th Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), held in Algiers, Algeria, from 18 to 19 December 2011. This meeting was attended by 41 representatives from 57 member countries of the OIC with the theme "Towards consolidating the results of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures and strengthen the role of youth in building a culture of peace and the dialogue. "

At a meeting held by ISESCO (Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), the Indonesian delegation led by Adviser to the Minister of Education and Culture, in charge of International Cooperation, Prof.. Dr Marijan Kacung with members of staff of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Education Officer with the'Ambassade of Indonesia in Cairo as well as responsible for 'Indonesian Embassy in Algiers.

Except in the meeting who spoke on the progress of the implementation of the program of ISESCO which was decided at the sixth meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2009, also held the ministerial round table on "cultural roles civil society in promoting dialogue and peace ", which highlights the important role of civil society to promote and reflect Islamic values ​​that must be supported by the government and the media where this is located in civil society to provide a correct understanding of Islam and to eliminate the phenomenon of Islamophobia around the world.

In response to this question, the Head of the delegation expressed among other things, that dialogue and cooperation with civil society as partners in development is a necessity for each country and also in the context of global governance. In this regard, it is very important to restore the true image of Islam as a mercy to all mankind, to strengthen ties with the Islamic world through other communities around the world in order to avoid misunderstandings Islam.

Indonesia through the mechanism of interreligious dialogue was promoted tolerance through the efforts of dialogue between faiths, both at the national, bilateral and multilateral, as a country of democracy in which Indonesia has shown that the Islam, democracy and modernity can live together and emphasized the need to strengthen links between people as one of the measures to promote mutual understanding and tolerance, particularly among young people from different cultural and different beliefs.

The conference was closed by the adoption of a strategic work program for the two ISESCO (2) years and the results will be announced at the 8th Conference to be held in Medina, Saudi Arabia, at the end of 2013 .

Algiers, 12 December 2011