Farewell visit to President of Algeria


On March 23, 2011, the Indonesian Ambassador in Algiers, HE Ms. Yuli Mumpuni Widarso paid a farewell visit to President of Algeria, HE Abdelaziz Bouteflika, held at the Presidential Palace of El Mouradia, Algiers. On this occasion the meeting the Ambassador expressed his thanks and appreciation to President Bouteflika and at all levels of the Algerian Government, including the Government of the wilaya, national agencies, national companies, academia and private have lent their aid, their cooperation and support to the Indonesian Embassy in Algiers for its mission during three years in Algeria (2008 to 2011) can achieve the smooth running. The Ambassador also expressed hope that President Bouteflika and the Algerian general population are not disappointed with the various activities of the Embassy in Algiers in order to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries.

President Bouteflika has also passed the program of the Indonesian Embassy in Algiers during the last three years and its development in various areas, including areas of cooperation such as non-conventional construction and oil during the last three years have contributed significantly to increased cooperation between Indonesia and Algeria. President Bouteflika expressed his joy that Indonesia (PT Wijaya Karya) also participated in a highway project connecting the province of Setif to Constantine in eastern Algeria (121 km) which was completed on time July 2010, and welcomed the PT Wijaya Karya plan to extend the contract to build the rest of the segment of highway from the wilaya of Annaba to El Tarf on the border of Tunisia (84 km). Meanwhile, regarding the improvement of cooperation in the oil industry, President Bouteflika welcomed the proposed technology Indonesian oil and pay attention to the project of cooperation between PT Pertamina and Sonatrach in the field of capacity building of human resources oil on both sides.

President Bouteflika also showed his attention to the explanation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Algiers emphasized the activity of the Indonesian Embassy in Algiers in encouraging stakeholders in both countries to strengthen cooperation, stakeholders in government, private sector and Parliament. These activities have shown positive results in a contribution to the improvement of bilateral cooperation, particularly in the economic sector where the BKPM and ANDI (National Agency for Development and Investment) agreed to cooperate in strengthening the promotion joint investments in both countries, or in the trade sector where NAFED and ALGEX (Agency for Promotion of Foreign Trade of Algeria) also agreed to strengthen cooperation in promoting trade between the two countries. Meanwhile, the Ambassador also expressed his joy at the completion of the visit of President of the Algerian Parliament in Indonesia in December 2010, which provided an open opportunity for bilateral cooperation in the future.

At the end of the meeting, President Bouteflika has invited his warm greetings to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, his old friends from Indonesia and the Indonesian nation, he always said with a well-known phrase "our brothers and sisters of the Indonesian people. "

President Bouteflika accompanied him to the outer gate of the Palace of El Mouradia, where local journalists have been waiting for a press conference.

Algiers, March 24, 2011