Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Ethiopia were established in 1961 and 3 years later, the government of Indonesia opened its embassy in Addis Ababa on 20th October 1964. During the first four years, the first Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Major General Suadi runs the Embassy from a rental house.

Ambassador residence, 1965


In 1966, the construction of the Embassy building began and completed within two years.


Construction of the embassy, 1966-1968


In 1968, Indonesia was honored by the presence of HIM Haile Selassie at a dinner reception in Indonesian Embassy, Addis Ababa


HIM Haile Selassie at the embassy, 1968


The Embassy is located at Egypt Street, Higher 23, Kebele 13, House No. 1816, Addis Ababa and is still in use today. The ambassador's residence is also located in the same address.


Indonesian embassy at present