Multiple Entry Visa

This type of visa is valid for multiple entries to Indonesia and valid for a period of 1 year starting on the first date of arrival in Indonesia with no more than 60 days per visit. This type of visa is applied for those who require several visits to Indonesia for the purpose of official government activities, business or commercial activities, toursim and social visit. Please note that this visa is not valid for paid working purposes.


  1. Validity of Passport minimum 18 months from the date of entry
  2. Fill out the appropriate forms  (for downloading the form click visaform.pdf)
  3. 2 latest color passport size photographs
  4. Business Licence
  5. Bank Statement or book accounts of the company
  6. Request or Recommendation letter from Ethiopia and from their sponsor in Indonesia
  7. The applicant should have visited Indonesia for several times.
  8. The applicant is allowed to visit Indonesia for 6 times in 1 year with length of stay for 60 days in one visit
  9. Visa fee: USD 110,-.
  10. For permanent resident: Attach a copy of resident permit (ID Card)

Application visa cannot be processed if there are no blank visa pages on the passport

Submitting in person

Applicant or their agen present the complete set of document at the Consular Service Counter at the Embassy of Indonesia in Addis Ababa. Application must be submitted on working hours, except on public holidays (click here for information on the Embassy's public holiday).