Ambassador Ramli Sa’ud presents honorary Accreditation to Honorary Consul in Djibouti


H.E Ambassador Ramli Sa’ud, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono presented an accreditation letter to Honorary Consul Mr. Liban Housein Farrah   to Djibouti. On the grand occasion held at Sheraton Djibouti, H. E Ambassador Ramli Sa’ud expressed his heartfelt gratitude and jubilation on the awarding of the Honorary Consul to Mr. Farrah. During the special occasion the Ambassador stated that the closer relations between the Republic of Indonesia and Djibouti have been in good progress.
Honorary Consul, Mr. Farrah on his part delivered his acceptance speech and expressed his wish for even better relations between the two sisterly countries. The two countries have been in close contact over the last decades. On the occasion H.E Ambassador Ramli Sa’ud invited the Djiboutian business community to take part in the 28th Jakarta Trade Expo and expand trade and invest and investment opportunities between the two countries.
Honorary Consul Farrah undertakes various activities on behalf of the Indonesian government in Djibouti among the prime targets of the Honorary Consul are Government to Government, People to People and business to business contacts that enrich the relations between the two countries.