Indonesia Earn Three Gold at Junior Science Olympiad

The junior high school students (SMP) of Indonesia to bring the name of fragrant nation in the International Junior Science Olympiad event the 7th, or 7th International Junior Science Olimpiad (IJSO) at 1 to 11 December 2010 in Abuja, Nigeria. They offered three gold medals, five silver medals and four bronze medals. Of the 12 participants who delivered all get medals. National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh appreciate the achievements of Indonesian students in this international arena. ”The ministry congratulated. Efforts like this should be immediately we develop. Congratulations on it the name of Indonesia,” he said when receiving IJSO team at the Ministry of National Education (Kemdiknas), Jakarta, Monday (13/12/2010). Won gold medal Mohammed Iqbal Ibrahim, private junior high school students of Depok, West Java; Richard Akira Heru, the junior high school students Dominico Savio DL, Central Java, and Fransisca Susan, junior high school students St.Ursula, DKI Jakarta.The silver medalist is I Made Gita Narendra Kumara, students SMPN 1 State, Bali; Mikael Harseno Subianto, junior high school students Susteran Purwokerto, Central Java, and Putu Budi Gunawan Ivan, students SMPN 1 Tabanan, Bali; Yoga Rafinika, junior high school students Sragen Bilingual Boarding School, Central Java, and Faisal Puji Nugroho, students SMP 68 Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. Furthermore, the bronze medalist is Mardika Firlina, Private School junior high school students in Bandung, West Java; Titis Setiyobudi, students SMPN 1 Kauman Tulungagung, East Java; Anand Muharom Rizki, students SMP 2 Semarang, Central Java; and Falahiyyah Nurul Bahri, SMPN 1 Sumenep, East Java. Indonesia also successfully achieved the third best on behalf of Yoga best experimental Rafinika and Mardika Firlina. Minister of Education delivered the medal winners will receive awards and scholarships S1. Achievements this time, said Mendikas, not dominated by a particular city. That is, this Olympics has been known at various schools. ”Attention of the schools to participate is good and the quality of the schools are relatively evenly,” he said. This success is expected to inspire other schools to excel. According to the minister, achievement of achievement of international level competition is one part of a quality education. ”We have to push again. The target we want to ‘dominate’ the various Olympics, held in various world, anywhere, and any field,” he said. IJSO is an annual competition for natural science subjects including physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics 15 years old junior high school level. The competition was first initiated by Indonesia in 2004 aims to encourage young children to love science, and develop international communication in science. IJSO to-7 followed by 34 countries. Taiwan managed to become the winner and the best country Theoretical winner, while India won best experimental. Indonesia won the third best. source :