Indonesia will host the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) 2018. According to the vote of Board of Governors from both institution, it will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali in the coming October 2018.

The IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018 will be attended by approximately 15.000 delegates from 189 IMF member countries, involving Minister of Finance and The Head of Central Bank, delegates from global and regional economic cooperation, civil society, private and academic sectors, and global media. As one the biggest conference in the world, we believe that the Annual Meeting would fascinate the world's interest and support equitable and sustainable economic growth in Indonesia.

  • IMF and WB Annual Meetings are annual meeting that organized by World Bank and IMF Councils in October each year, to discuss the economic growth and finance including the latest issues.
  • IMF and WB conduct two annual meetings each year, that participated by all the Minister of Finance and The Head of Central Bank from 189 member countries, which are:
  1. Spring meetings, held in April each year;
  2. Annual meetings, held in October each year;
  • Annual Meetings is organized in Washington DC (two years simultaneously) and in one member countries differently each third year.
  • IMF and WB Annual Meetings 2015 in Lima, Peru have signed “Agreement for the 2018 AM of the IMF and the World Bank" stated that Indonesia is selected to be the Host Government IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018.
  • Indonesia is the lone ASEAN country in G20 Forum, it is honoured to accommodate the IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018 and to represent Indonesian's leadership amongst ASEAN countries member. After in Peru in 2015 and in Japan in 2012, the Annual Meetings will be conducted in Indonesia in 2018.


2018IndonesiaNusa Dua, Bali


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Voyage to Indonesia 2018​


“Voyage to Indonesia" is the chosen theme for the series of activities which is part of the preparation to welcome the IMF and-WB Annual Meetings 2018 and to apply the benefit of the meetings. The essential of the word “voyage" refers to a journey to a new place (new invention as well), it is selected for some reasons:

  • Indonesia is one the biggest maritime country in the world, whose areas are archipelagos and marine, nevertheless stick together under the name Indonesia.
  • Indonesia will be the place, where all the world will “on shore their boat" in Indonesia
  • Indonesia has reformatted its country, elevate its economic defence of domestic either global compressions, last, to record the raised economic growth and also comprehensive
  • Essentially, Indonesia is honoured to be a “port" who unify the global world in IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings 2018.