Indonesian Ambassador Remarks on Indonesia's 65th Independence Day Celebration



Excerption of Indonesian Ambassador Remarks

On Indonesia’s 65th Independence Day Celebration

August 17, 2010



Ambassador M. Wahid Supriyadi said that this year’s celebration is different from previous years because it coincides with the coming month of Ramadhan. Soekarno, who later became the first President of Indonesia read the text of the Proclamation of Independence on Friday, 9th Ramadhan 1364 H on 17 August 1945.


Indonesia has undergone many challenges and difficult times, from the fight to defend independence, communist coups, threat from separatist movements to the economic crisis that hit the country in 1998. God willing, Indonesia survives and is now the only a few of countries which could resist against the crisis. According to the National Bureau of Statistic (BPS), Indonesian economy grew by 6.2% on second quarter of this year. Several financial institutions like World Economic Outlook and World Bank predicted that Indonesia would grow by 6.6% in 2010, whereas Moody’s Investors Service has increased Indonesia’s sovereign credit rating from stable to positive. Furthermore, Indonesia’s FDI during the same period has increased by 51% to US$ 3.7 billion. AT Kearney, a reputable survey institution, puts Indonesia on the rank of 19th on FDI confidence index.


On bilateral relations, the cooperation between Indonesia and United Arab Emirates has increased quite significantly. Both countries have showed many similarities on foreign policy such as anti colonialism, uphold the principle of non interference, and support the independence of Palestine with Jerusalem as the state capital. Now, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates are in the process of establishing a Joint Bilateral Commission that would become the umbrella of cooperation in all fields.


In the area of economy, trade and investment, both countries have enjoyed a very positive development. For the last two years, UAE’s large companies such as Dubai Port World, Dubai Dry Dock World, Etisalat, Mubadala, MEC Holdings, and Limitless have committed an investment of about US$ 11 billion. To promote further investment and trade, this year the Embassy will bring about 150 UAE’s businessmen to visit Trade Expo Indonesia, from 13 to 17 of October 2010.


In the field of socio-cultural relations, both countries have signed MOU between WAM and Antara News Agency. To further enhance the relations, the Embassy has been active in organizing cultural performances as well as in promoting cooperation among universities in both countries. The Ambassador also notices the increasing interests of local media to cover more about Indonesia.


In his closing remarks, Ambassador M. Wahid Supriyadi thanked the support and participation of Indonesian society in United Arab Emirates and ask them to always engage with the people of the UAE to foster relations in the level of people to people contact.



Abu Dhabi, August 17, 2010