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Yayan Ganda Hayat Mulyana
Consul General

Phone : +61 2 8347 6 801
E-mail :

Economic Affairs

Sunarti Ichwanto    Consul

Franky C.L. Silalahi    Vice-Consul

Information, Social and Cultural Affairs

Nicolas Hendrik Theodorus Manoppo    Consul

Akbar Makarti    Vice-Consul

Protocol and Consular Affairs

Iman Prarahadian Havid    Consul

Herfino    Vice Consul

Immigration Affairs

Heru Tjondro    Vice-Consul


Lucky Irwansyah    Communication

Endang Retnowati    Treasurer

The Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre

-    Director

Ruth J Samaria    Vice-Director

The Indonesian Investment Promotion Centre

Muhammad Nasir Udin Latief    Director

Mohammad Ridwansyah Saidi Ungsi    Vice-Director


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