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Indonesia At Glance
Indonesian company „Wings“ – the chance for „Dita“ and „Likval“ companies
Thursday, 22 May 2014
Representatives of the company "Sayap Mas Utama - Wings" from Indonesia were held a meeting with representatives of the two companies “Dita” from Tuzla and “Likval” Sarajevo to see the real possibilities of these companies, said Fuad Šabeta, Ambassador of BiH to Indonesia, for BH news agency Patria (NAP).
Reis ul-Ulema official visit to Indonesia
Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014
Jakarta, 21 January of 2014. (MINA) - At the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Reis-ul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic resides in an official visit to Indonesia. Yesterday (January 20) Reis-ul-ulema was welcomed by the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jakarta , HE Mr. Fuad Sabeta at the airport in Jakarta .
Meeting between the Mayor of Konjic , Bosnia Herzegovina with the Mayor of Bogor Seeking for Cooperation
Friday, 18 Oct 2013
In order to explore the possibility of cooperation in the field of education, the Mayor of Konjic, Bubalo Emir, accompanied by his wife had a visit to the city of Bogor. During his visit, Mr Emir was received by Bogor Mayor , Mr Diani Budiarto. Meeting was held at City Hall Jalan Ir Bogor. H. Juanda No. 10 on Friday (18/10/2013).
​ Visit by Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia
Friday, 24 May 2013
establishing a coorperation relationship between the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the University of Mostar
Visit of Ambassador of Indonesia in BiH municipalities of Bihac
Friday, 19 Apr 2013
Municipality of Bihac hosted in less than two months, eight ambassadors from foreign countries , which confirms the interest of the ambassadors for events in Bihac. The current political, economic and social situation in the municipality of Bihac was the topic of the meeting today between mr.sci.Emdžad Galijaević, Mayor of Bihac and H.E. Subijaksono Sujono, Ambassador of Indonesia in Bosnia and Herzegovina .
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Minister of Foreign Affairs follows up on e-impromptu visit

Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014

Last Sunday (30/11), President Jokowi did another impromptu visit to a few groups of Indonesian labors overseas. Then, the next day on Monday (12/1) The Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi did follow-ups to a few of the ambassadors.

​Efforts to Rescue 35 Indonesian Crews on the Vessel Oryong 501

Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014

South Korean fishing vessel, Oryong 501, sank in Bering Sea, Russia on December 1, 2014 at around 12.00 Indonesian Western Time. Amongthe 60 crews (ABK) on board, there were 35 crewswho came from Indonesia and the other ones came from South Korea, the Philippines and Russia.

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