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KJRI San Francisco

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Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship 2015

Darmasiswa Indonesian Scholarship Program Academic Year 2014/2015


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American Batik Design Competition 2011

Insights of 2014 IACS Participants
Wednesday, 01 Oct 2014
​Since 2003, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has offered a 3.5-month Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) to various countries. Up to 2014, 588 alumni from 58 coun...
Indonesia is Hosting 2014 Bali Democracy Forum
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
Known as most Muslim-populated country, Indonesia will be hosting Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) VII on 10 to 11 October 2014 at Bali International Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia, themed "Evolving Regional Democractic Architecture: the Dynamics of Political Development, Socio-Economic Progress and Public Participation in the Democratic Process".
2015 Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship is on the Table
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
​Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has offered the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) since 2003. The program was initially offered to South West...
Nelayan Asal Bali Memenangkan CORAL Conservation Prize 2014
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
​Seorang Nelayan asal Bali memenangkan CORAL Conservation Prize dari Coral Reef Alliance. Penyerahan penghargaan ini dilakukan pad kesempatan CORAL’s 20th Anniversary Gala di Calif...
Perayaan Idul Fitri 1435H di KJRI San Francisco
Thursday, 07 Aug 2014
​Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1435H, KJRI San Francisco bersama masyarakat Muslim Indonesia telah menyelenggarakan Sholat Idul Fitri 1435H pada Senin, 28 Juli 201...
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Multiplying efforts, Indonesia is ready to hold rate of climate change

Thursday, 25 Sep 2014

​Known as loyal fighter for the climate change , Indonesian President made ​​a speech in the first Plenary Session of UN Climate Summit 2014: Catalyzing Action, from a series of UN General Assembly in New York (23/9).

Part of the Solution: Indonesia and the current Environmental Issues

Thursday, 25 Sep 2014

​"The appointment of President SBY as the Chair of the Council and, at the same time, President of the Assembly of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) shows how the President is seen as a figure who can unite the different people who are considered to have opposite interests, such as corporations, civil society and NGOs, " stated Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa after the handover meeting at GGGI office in New York (23 /9)

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