Alusiau Meets Arirang in Pyongyang


“Alusiau” is the name of an Indonesian song and so is “Arirang” the name of a Korean song. They meet each other when they were sung by the Embassy’s singing team at the diplomatic reception held on Friday, 17 August 2012 by the Indonesian Embassy in Pyongyang to commemorate the 67th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Indonesian Independence. Each number being sung had attracted big applause from the audience filling up the Pyongyang hall. Beyond the entertaining element transpired in the singing performance, the meeting of such folk songs originated from two different countries did impart to a certain extent a cultural sense towards a greater people-to-people contact.


The reception was graced by the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak Ui Chun as the guest of honor and attended by officials from the government ministries / committees / association, the party and the military. Envoys, Chargè d’Affaires, other staff member of diplomatic missions and representatitive of international organizations accredited in Pyongyang, NGO offices and other invited guests attended the reception.


The Indonesian Ambassador Nasri Gustaman delivered his remarks highlighting the progress made during the past year in terms of Indonesia’s political, economic and its international standings, bilateral relations with DPR Korea and on Indonesia within ASEAN in Pyongyang. Speech by Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun was delivered by Vice Foreign Minister Kung Sok Ung. Both the remarks of Ambassador Nasri Gustaman and the speech of Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun delivered by Vice Foreign Minister Kung Sok Ung are available in the “Speech” page of this site.


Pyongyang, 17 August 2012