The Indonesian Art at the Ouaco heritage day


Coinciding with Eid ul-Fitr holiday, a group of artists of the Indonesian Consulate General in Noumea enliven the Ouaco heritage day. Ouaco is a small city located in the Northern Province of New Caledonia (±300 km from Noumea). This year event is held in order to commemorate the Indonesian workers and their families who had contributed to the development of Ouaco.


The sound of siren, which is located at an ancient canning factory that used to employ workers from Indonesia, marks the commencement of the event. Afterward, the art teams of the Indonesian Consulate General “kicks off” the stage with the presentation of Javanese dance.  Next, the team “Angklung” play some evergreen Indonesian songs, such as “Bengawan Solo”, “Rek Ayo Rek”, “Menanti” and also a local evergreen song, “Océanie”.


The performing arts show then is close with a performance from a singer who interprets two Franco-Indonesian songs. But he is not the only singer of the occasion; even Ms Consul General ad Interim also sings an Indonesian song “Semalam di Cianjur” to liven up the day.


These performances have succeeded in cheering up the visitors coming from many places across the Northern Province. As reported in one of New Caledonian newspaper, a woman said that she was satisfied with the show and it reminds her of her youth. Once again, the bond of the friendship is woven thanks to a shared history.