15 U.S. Citizens Master Silat Tiger Minangkabau & Mande Muda



Pencak silat apparently attracted some residents Dallas, United States, to learn martial arts. Even in Dallas are college Pencak Silat Dallas.


There are 15 people seriously wrestle Dallas which martial art native to Indonesia. They have studied martial arts for many years.


"They practice regularly since over 10 years ago under the college martial arts called Pencak Silat Dallas led by Master Ken Doc Dority and instructor Tim Lee, Michael Carroll and Bill Stutesman," said Consul General in Houston, Al Basyra Basnur.


In addition, the college regularly invites a teacher home country each year. "On a regular basis every year arts college is inviting Dada Gunawan, Indonesian silat teacher, came from Bogor," said Al Basyra.


On two nights ago, the Consulate General Houston entertain members of Pencak Silat Dallas and Dadang Gunawan. In a chat at the banquet, the members of Pencak Silat Dallas expressed his admiration for the martial art pencak silat.


"I love the martial arts because Indonesia is a blend of martial arts and high value and very beneficial to the health and safety of those who master it", said Doc Dority, chairman of Pencak Silat Dallas.


Meanwhile Edee Diaz, revealing that the arts really support her work as a security officer in the City of Dallas. "In martial arts, I am more confident running the day-to-day tasks," he said.


Kimberley Mitchell, the only female fighter in Dallas said that the arts make him feel more nimble, healthier and higher confidence. "I'd love to visit Indonesia to determine the country of origin which I learned martial arts, as well as add kung fu in there," he added.


On that occasion, Consul General Al Busyra express our appreciation to the fighters are as keen, willing to learn and master the Indonesian silat.


"Indonesian Silat in the City of Dallas and Fort Worth does not involve an appreciation of the art, self-confidence and self-defense, and the structure of the bridge is also a powerful and strategic in order to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation between Indonesia and the United States, particularly with the city of Dallas-Fort Worth , "said Al Busyra.


June 15, 2013, Pencak Silat Dallas College personnel will perform in Indonesia's largest annual bazaar held at the Consulate General Houston.