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Gedung KBRI Havana

Indonesia At Glance
Fund raising Bazaar at the Indonesian Embassy in Havana
Tuesday, 24 Mar 2015
​Havana, Cuba, March 23, 2015- On Friday March 20, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Havana opened its doors to a new exhibition of Indonesian traditional cuisine, cra...
Indonesian Embassy actively participates in the International Women’s Day Celebrations in Havana
Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015
​Havana, Cuba, March 9th, 2015- The Indonesian Embassy in Havana actively participated in the International Women’s Day Celebrations held here on Sunday, March 8 which included ...
H.E. Teiseran Foun Cornelis talks to Granma on the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations between Cuba and Indonesia
Thursday, 05 Feb 2015
​Feb. 2, 2015 (Granma) – “Even when they are very far away from each other geographically, Cuba and Indonesia are very close friends”, Ambassador Teiseran Foun Cornelis said to Gra...
The Angklung Orchestra went touring Guantánamo
Friday, 19 Dec 2014
​The José White Angklung Orchestra of the Conservatory of Camaguey, led by Professor Eugenio Silva , performed a series of seven concerts from November 27th -30th 2014 in the pro...
The visit of Ambassador of Indonesia H.E Teiseran Foun Cournelis to Santiago de Cuba
Thursday, 09 Oct 2014
​On October 2nd 2014, Ambassador of Indonesia in Havana, H.E Teiseran Foun Cournelis visited the province of Santiago de Cuba, to give a lecture on the history, culture and the d...
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News in our Portal

Press Release On the Recent Situation in Yemen

Friday, 27 Mar 2015

The Government of Indonesia expresses its deep concern in regard to the situation in Yemen, which has escalated since early morning in Thursday (26/3). The Indonesian Government calls on all parties to restraint itself from the use of violence and to ensure the safety of all civilians in Yemen, locals and foreigners.

Condolences Statement For The Tragic Incident Of Germanwings Flight #4U9525

Wednesday, 25 Mar 2015

The Government and People of Indonesia express deepest condolences and sympathy to the bereaved families and loved ones of the passengers and crew of Germanwings Flight #4U9525. The plane crashed in French Alps on March 24, 2015 on its way from Barcelona, Spain to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Indonesia at a Glance

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