Economic Diplomacy : RI Young Diplomats Explore Bengkulu


Four Indonesian Young Diplomats, the participants of batch 58 Sesdilu Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited Bengkulu to learn more about potential areas of this province, from 4-8 April 2017. These diplomats were directly accepted by the Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. Ridwan Mukti and Head of Area Planning Agency (Bappeda), Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Officials of the Tourism Department of Bengkulu Province, including Head of the Liaison Office of Bengkulu in Jakarta at Bengkulu Governor's Office (5/4).

Irma Riyani (Directorate of law and Economic treaty), Yvonne Mewengkang (Directorate of International Security and Disarmament), Maradona Runtukahu (Organizational Planning Bureau), and Sahrul Murajjab (Directorate of Africa), conducted a site visit to Bengkulu to enrich knowledge and increase commitment of the Indonesian diplomats in promoting the regional potential abroad. This effort is in line with the RI President's mandate who asked the Indonesian diplomats to act as "marketer" in increasing the Indonesia's economic diplomacy abroad.

 "The visit of these young diplomats is coincident with various agendas and plans of the Bengkulu provincial government to promote the region through several priority programs, which the roles of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and RI Representatives Abroad are enormous. It is like to bring grist to the mill," said the Governor of Bengkulu during the meeting.

Governor Ridwan Mukti added that his parties are strengthening Bengkulu leading commodities, such as palm, rubber, coffee and mining products while overcoming the existing infrastructure challenges. Almost 50% of the countrysides in Bengkulu Province are in the isolated conditions due to the limited access, electricity and information.

Besides overcoming the poverty, backwardness, and infrastructure barriers, Governor of Bengkulu also focuses his works on the bureaucracy transformation with the vision of serving and free of corruption. The Provincial Government of Bengkulu hopes that these various efforts can support the Visit Wonderful Bengkulu 2020 Program.

During the visit in Bengkulu, The participants of Sesdilu batch 58 will also meet with the Regional SME and Bengkulu's leading commodity companies. In addition, the four diplomats will have a dialogue with students at the University of Bengkulu about RI foreign policy, and visit several local medias in Bengkulu. (Source: Sesdilu 58/Infomed)