Sierra Leone

I. Country Profile 

Country:Republic of Sierra Leone
Head of State/ Government:Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma (since 17 September 2007, re-elected on November 2012)
Head of Parliament:Sheku Badara Bashiru Dumbuya (sejak 21 Januari 2014)
Vice President:Victor Bockarie Foh  (since 19 March 2015)
Minister of Foreign Affairs:Dr. Samuel M.W. Kamara (since December 2012)
Official Language:English
Religion:Islam (60%), Christian (10%), other religions (30%)
Independence Day:27 April 1961
Territory:72.180 Km²
Population:7.396.160 (World Bank, 2014)

Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

SLL per USD : 7500 (2017)

GDP (Nominal):USD 3,7 billion (World Bank, 2016)
GDP (Per Capita):USD 1473,4 (World Bank, 2016)
Foreign Exchange Reserve:USD 620 million (termasuk emas) (World Bank, 2016)
Foreign Direct Investment:USD -403 million (World Bank, 2014)
Total Value of International Trade:​USD 1,8 billion (2015) defisit USD 1,6 billion​
GDP Growth:6,1% (World Bank, 2016)
Industries :Mining (Bauxite, Diamond)
Country Representative:


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dakar

Sierra Leone:

Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Beijing

II. Bilateral Relations

  • Politics

Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Sierra Leone opened in November 1994. In 2015, the Government of Sierra Leone has stated its plan to open a representative office in Jakarta. Indonesian Foreign Minister has given a reply letter to the Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone H.E. Samura M.W regarding the plan. Foreign Ministry delegation is ready to accept technical Sierra Leone, for follow-up discussion of the opening of the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Jakarta.
  • Economy and Trade

In the economic field, the value of trade between Indonesia and Sierra Leone reached USD 2​7,3 million in 2016, an increase of 11,6%​ compared to 2015 (USD 24,5 million) with a surplus on the Indonesian side. 

  • Social-Culture

In the field of social-culture, within the period 2012-2017 Pemri has provided scholarships to 15 Sierra Leonean citizens through the scheme of Darmasiswa Scholarship and Developing Country Partnership Scholarship (KNB). In 2017, 5 (five) citizens of Sierra Leone admitted to KNB scholarship.