​​​​I. Country Profile

Country:​Republic of Senegal
Head of State/ Government:Macky Sall (since 2 April 2012)
Head of Parliament:Moustapha Niasse (since 30 July 2012)
Prime Minister:Mohammed Dionne  (since 8 July 2014)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:Mankeur Ndiaye (since 29 October 2012)
Official Language:French
Religion:Islam (95,4%), Christian (4,2%), other religions (0,4%)
Independence Day:4 April 1960
Territory :192.530 Km²
Population:14.67 million (World Bank, 2014)

West African CFA (XOF)

XOF per USD : 580 (April 2016)

GDP (Nominal):USD 15,66 billion (World Bank, 2014)
GDP (Per Capita):USD 1.067,1 (World Bank, 2014)
Foreign Exchange Reserve:USD 2,03 billion (World Bank, 2014)
Foreign Direct Investment:USD 342,65 million (World Bank, 2014)
Total Value of International Trade :USD 9,4 billion (World Bank, 2014) (deficit USD 3,7 billion)
GDP Growth:5,0 % (World Bank, 2015)
Strategic Industries:Fisheries, Tourism, Mining (Phosphate, Gold), Agriculture
Country Representative:


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dakar


Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in Tokyo

II. Bilateral Relations

  • ​Politics

Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Senegal was officially opened on October 3, 1980. The Government of Indonesia and Senegal is currently processing the draft of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Establishment of Joint Commission between Indonesia and Senegal and draft of MoU on visa exemption for diplomatic and official passports holders.
  • Economy and Trade

In the economic field, based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade value of trade between Indonesia and Senegal reached USD 78.25 million in 2014, an increase 33.1% compared to the year 2013 with a surplus on the Indonesian side. Total trade between the two countries during the 2010-2014 period increased by 30.59%. Indonesia experienced a trade surplus of 48.29% from non-oil products. In addition, in order to strengthen bilateral cooperation as well as the South-South Cooperation, Government of Indonesia has granted five (5) hand tractors to the Government of Senegal in 2014.
  • Social-Culture

In the socio-cultural field, until 2015 Indonesia has provided scholarships for five (5) Senegalese students under the scheme of Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship.